CE biweekly meeting

Nov 16, 2009

Research and proposals

  • Great results at VR this year!
- Per S, Per L-E, Sally, and Lars: funding for CHAMPP, a four-student framework allocation grant
- Per S also won an industrial PhD student grant
- Similar results at SET
  • Small coordination action for HATS (Reiner H)
  • Hopefully a smaller Ericsson project for one year (Sally, Per S)
  • Google will visit the department on Dec 2-3


  • Jan Jonsson new pro-prefect from Jan 1, 2010
  • Koen Claessen new Director of Studies for PhD education from same date
  • Josef Svenningsson to Ericsson at 50%
  • Rogardt Heldal to Ericsson for 1 year
  • Division to recruit 6 new PhD students imminently
  • Victoria Ewers (student administration) will go on leave
- Annette Kolster will stand in for her, although not full time


  • Problems reported where exam administration seem to have lost exam sheets (not completed exams); supposedly dealt with and should not repeat
  • Rules for master thesis projects and for their reports will be tightened up

Department issues

  • Economy is strong short-term
- Can spend money on recruiting more female students (as the Rektor has told us to do). How?
- Sally's proposal: send a delegation to the Grace Hopper conference for women in computing (http://gracehopper.org)!
  • OTOH, Dept may lose some of the tail end of the Chalmers Foundation funding
  • Space crunch at Johanneberg due to external-funding successes
Eva Paulson is in communication with Chalmersfastigheter
  • Door key management to be taken over by Tiina and Rebecca

Chalmers issues

  • 10 junior faculty positions to be posted in connection with the Chalmers areas of strength
- Posted on Nov 26, application deadline on Jan 11
- We should all encourage good candidates to apply!
- Max 5 years since PhD
- If we get someone to apply, we should also think already about evaluators
  • Discussion about dual leadership for Strength Areas (CEO + COO?)
- No consensus; likely to be case by case
  • University to go for environmental certification in 2010
  • President Markides plans to move her office to Lindholmen when the new building (Kuggen) is ready


  • Good time to propose courses and conference trips, esp. for full-time teachers