CE biweekly meeting

Dec 16, 2009

Research and proposals

  • One-year research project with Ericsson now under contact (Sally, Per S)
  • Recruiting under way for that project and for CHAMPP
  • Devdatt seeking cooperation with Brown University
  • Several new PhD positions will be opened across the department


  • Student office:
- Victoria still at 50% (Susanna Svantesson supports)
- Åsa plans maternal leave (May?)
  • Several applications for temp for Tiina
  • Wolfgang A agrees to coordinate IT programme
  • One candidate left for NS faculty position


  • Patrik J has sketched out a CSE "package" for other engineering disciplines
  • Dept. will submit a response to the Restart EDIT final report
- Roger J, Koen C, and Olof T responsible
- IESD programme will also respond
  • New EU initiative "Erasmus Mundus": Devdatt will investigate
  • Christer initiates course-level review of master programmes
  • New master-thesis course plan to be finalized in February!

Department issues

  • Dept. reorganisation proposed (mail has been sent out by Catarina)
- Software Engineering will be consolidated at CSE
- Interaction Design will be transfered to ITIT
- SET will be split in two divisions (with SE at Lindholmen)
- Many issues; hopefully finished by summer
  • Local recruitment committee: Per S chairs
  • 2 junior faculty members to be recruited during 2010
- Per S, Dave, Devdatt, Reiner, and Johan to work on defining the fields


  • Happy Holidays!
  • Hope to see you at the Christmas party tonight!