CE biweekly meeting

Jan 13, 2010 (yay!)

Research and proposals

  • Financing of PhD students via personal stipends is on the way out
- Decision likely during spring
  • Two new junior faculty members (tenure-track) will be recruited
- Per S in group that defines areas


  • One applicant still left for NS faculty position
- Test lecture on Jan 20, at 3:15 pm
  • Vilhelm Verendel to move to Energi & Miljö
  • ID will post junior faculty position
  • Åsa Samdell plans maternity leave from May
  • Tiina Rankanen goes on maternity leave in February
- Replacement is being recruited; possibly a void of a couple of weeks


  • External HSV evaluation of the CS bachelor programme will likely be in 2012, not 2011
  • Morten Fjeld will be Director of Studies for ID (replacing Olof Torgerson)
  • Information meeting for presumptive/potential PhD studens on Jan 20, 3:15pm
- See Jan J for more info

Department issues

  • Div. Interaction Design (ID) evaluating a move to ITIT
- Software Engineering would then be consolidated at D&IT, at Campus Lindholmen
  • Dept. Council needs new industry members
- Catarina will contact several candidates
  • Space wars!
- Many new hires mean 5453, corner on floor 4, possibly E-room may have to be converted to offices
- ... at least until SE moves to Lindholmen
  • Evaluation of hiring committee organization is ongoing
  • Slight change of top-level organization at Rector's office being considered
- Not likely directly influencing our daily work


  • New IT services agreement
  • General move to RH5 for all Linux machines is being considered