CE "biweekly" meeting (ha!)

April 19, 2010


  • Welcome (back) to Magnus Själander!
  • Marina Papatriantafilou up for promotion to Biträdande Professor
  • Miroslaw Staron will coordinate the SE master programme
  • A new Biträdande Lektor (FoAss with tenure? This is GU, so other rules than at Chalmers) will be recruited for Computing Sciences
  • Two affirmative responses for the CHAMPP PhD positions [plus one more after the meeting]
- Angelos Arelakis
- Dmitry Knyagin
- Alen Bardizbanyan
  • Katarina Vemdal will not return as administrative director after her parental leave
- Eva Paulson has gone on to other permanent position within Chalmers
- Need to recruit replacement, again :-(
- Katarina V. will be in for a few days to help handle urgent matters
  • Rebecca Cyrén will move to Lindholmen with the SE troops
  • The ICT Styrkeområde position is nearing a decision
- Presentations this week postponed due to airline problems
- Several strong candidates
- CSE may make an offer to best-qualified candidates even if the Chalmers-funded position ends up elsewhere

Research and proposals

  • VR deadline just passed...
- Some individual proposals (Ulf A. More from division?)
- Per LE partner in framework allocation grant proposal w/ Johan Liu of MC2


  • Rolf Snedsböl will take over as Director of Studies for the CE and NS areas
  • Further reduction in admission of international students
- Down by half from last year
- Not necessarily evenly distributed across programmes
  • Overview of master programmes yet to start

Department issues

  • Mary Sheeran resigns from leader group for the ICT Styrkeområde
- Dave Sands possible replacement

Chalmers issues

  • EDIT current "best guess":
- Three separate BSc programmes (E, D, IT)
- IT at Lindholmen
- No decision yet!


  • Medarbetarsamtal going on
  • Several faculty members stuck abroad due to airline stoppage
- Per S (California)
- Lena P (Massachusetts)
- Mary S, John H (Japan)
- Andrei S (Beijing)
- ... and probably more