CE "biweekly" meeting (...)

May 31, 2010


  • Welcome to CHAMPP students Angelos and Dmitry
  • Several new students on their way to SE and CS
  • Robert Feldt (SE) applies for Docent status
  • Marianne moves up to 6th floor (replacing Rebecca, who heads to Lindholmen)
- Ann Wehlander replaces Marianne
  • New administrative director: Axel Persson
  • Johan Thörnquist, Katarina Lundquist new faces in student administration
- Åsa Samdell on parental leave
- Kerstin Germundsson retires in August


  • Dr. Durisi of ETH (ranked #1) has accepted the Markides-sponsored position
  • Dr. Cardenas (#3) will get an offer (NS)
  • Dr. Sourdis (#2) will hopefully get an offer (I'm working on it ...)

Research and proposals

  • Need to postpone hiring of fourth CHAMPP student
- Budgetary reasons


  • Master programme silly season
- Goal: go from 49 to 30 programmes
- ... and from 1350 to 1000 courses
- Mostly looks like a 25% reduction in volume a few years from now
  • Economic responsibility for teaching may be reorganized
  • June 3rd: EDIT project day

Department issues

  • Emeritus room will be given up
- PhD student offices (CHAMPP, probably)
- Equipment may go to Grimeton (or I'll keep the analog computer! Cool stuff!)
  • New members of the Dept. Council
- Staffan Truvé
- Ted Kruse

Chalmers issues

  • EDIT: current best guess...
- Three BSc programmes (E, D, IT)
- Two HI programmes (E, D)
  • Where?
- IT @ Lindholmen
- D, E @ Johanneberg


  • Summer party on June 16; sign up!
  • Comments for VP still very welcome (see email of May 18)