CE biweekly meeting

Aug 23, 2010

Welcome back!


  • Welcome to Alen Bardizbanyan (third CHAMPP student)
  • Dr. Cardenas has accepted offer from NS
- Contract being drawn up
  • Raul Barbosa leaves for Portugal
  • Wolfgang John leaves for Stockholm
  • Several new PhD students in CS, SE, NS divisions
  • Axel Persson (prev. S2) is the new administrative director
  • Birgitta Gustafsson (economy, also prev. S2) will join this fall
- 100% from 2011

Research and proposals

  • SSF application in electronics due Aug 25
- Per LE, Sally, Lars S, Magnus
  • Support for new EU proposals will be provided by Chalmers Grants Office
- More information will be forthcoming

Department issues

  • ID division now part of ITIT dept.
  • Previous SET division split into SE and ST
- SE has moved to Lindholmen
  • Aarne Ranta resigns as head of CS
- Busy with many high-profile research grants
- Search for successor has started
  • Catarina will institute a regular "research group leader" meeting
- Details will be forthcoming

Chalmers issues

  • New funding model for research and teaching underway
  • Bosch + Ericsson + Software Center deal is still being pursued
  • Chalmers will allocate funding for an E-Science Center
- No info on how much money yet, or how
  • Jan Grahn (MC2) will be ICT SOL
  • Lena P will be EDITI UOL


  • Proposal about master thesis examination requirements will need review
- Lars B will be approached
  • EDIT outcome
- Strong objections to merging programmes
- Consensus that progression in professional/engineering skills could be significantly improved

Master programme re-pack

  • Review launched before summer
- Triggered by expected revenue reduction from 2011
- Would likely have been needed anyway in a couple of years
  • Significant goal: reduce number of MPs from 49 to ~30
  • New programmes to be launched in fall of 2011
- All existing programmes were closed and had to re-apply
- New programmes need to be put in place ASAP (budget for 2011 due soon, posting of programme descriptions needed to let students apply)
- Deadlines at Aug 18 (name, overview) and Sep 16 (course lists etc)
  • Rough outcome for CSE programmes:
- CSALL untouched
- SE improved through internal development
- SDCS + NET becomes Computer Systems and Networks (CSN)
- IESD becomes EESD
  • Need to rush development for course lists etc


  • Sign up for CE barbeque