CE biweekly meeting

Sep 6, 2010


  • Alejandro Russo gets tenure track position (FoAss)
  • ICT positions:
- Cardenas has now signed on for 2011 (NS)
- Discussions to begin in earnest with Sourdis

Research and proposals

  • Graham Kemp will work 25% on starting an E-Science activity

Department issues

  • Software Centre at Lindholmen moves ahead
- Broad acceptance from industry
- Jörgen Hansson tasked with producing a plan ahead
  • Catarina will start a Research Group Leader meeting
- Weekly breakfast meeting
- 3 representatives per division
  • Signoff rights are being adjusted
- Div head needs to do final signoff, not project leaders :-(

Chalmers issues

  • New model for distribution of govt. funds
- Current model tends to reinforce certain imbalances betw. teaching and research funds
  • A draft exists
- To be fleshed out to a concrete proposal during fall
- Discussion in December, decision in spring
- Group in department will study impact on CSE


  • Appointment process for programme coordinators will take place during October
  • MP proposals need to be essentially finished this Friday
- Proposals are up on this very Wiki, here
  • Proposed course in Energy-Aware Computing (Johan Karlsson a.o.)
- Introduced as Advanced-Topics course in 2011, into curricula in 2012?