CE biweekly meeting

Sep 20, 2010


  • Daniel Hedin will return
  • Robert Feldt will be promoted to Docent
  • Peter Öhman will leave the department
- Possible candidate for adjunct position?


  • Master Programme proposals delivered
- SE
  • Miroslaw Staron, Helena Holmström Olsson will be Director of Studies for SE

Research and proposals

- Big money (~160M over 5 years, each grant 3-7 M per year)
- CSE should get at least one of these for Software Center
- Deadline: Nov 24, 2010
- Many not in systems but rather in components though; good for division application?
- Decisions in March 2011

Department issues

  • Suggest candidates for adjunct positions (cf Peter Öhman above)
  • Proposal to start using the Microsoft calendaring system across the dept.

Chalmers issues

  • Internal recruiting round for teaching programme responsibles
- Roles likely not identical to previous setup


- Mostly important for Göteborg University; Chalmers has negotiated agreements for many of these issues