CE biweekly meeting

Oct 4, 2010


  • Per S has been elected a member of the Academia Europaea
  • Dag Wedelin gets Chalmers Pedagogical Price
  • PhD position in Sally's group: 83 applications
  • Georgi Gaydadiev: visit went very well
  • Ioannis Sourdis: ongoing
  • Office 6103 evacuated: Bhavi goes to 4120, Jacob to 4116, an Chen to 4453 (short-term)


  • Peter L withdraws as responsible for D programme
- Other candidates needed
  • Probably not individual coordinators for each MSc programme
- Likely an assistant programme leader instead
  • Chalmers Foundation might help with MSc student stipends until long-term fund is set up
  • Still no decisions on EDIT education changes!

Research and proposals

  • John's and Koen's QuickCheck paper deemed most influential logic-programming paper from 10 years ago!
  • Jan Grahn proposes "initiativseminarium" for ICT
  • New "Research School" for Areas of Advance
- Course package gives extra diploma / certificate
- Leadership, utilization, sustainable development, etc

Department issues

  • Robert Feldt joins the Forskarutbildning committee; Fang Chen leaves
  • When going to airport, please pay yourself and submit expense claim
- Use invoice system for guests
  • Göteborg University reorganization. CSE goes where?
- Math / theoretical philosophy (some CS voices)
- Business school (Software Engineering)
- Natural sciences (everyone else?)
- Likely not critical for CE in any case as we have no GU employees
  • Identifying one-year goals to present to President Markides
  • Where do our PhDs end up? Expect report.
  • Work environment priorities: ergonomy, stress
- Get an ergonomist in to discuss your office environment! It's free!

Chalmers issues

  • Negotiations with industry about Software Centre have reached $ stage
  • Chalmers will go for Environmental Certification
- GU already has one, and since we are part of GU as well...


  • If you are like me, you use the same IT setups until they stop working. If so, I suggest you might try to swap from Nomad to Eduroam. It works also at other universities in Sweden, and you don't have to log in explicitly!
- More info at insidan; more complete info in Swedish.