CE biweekly meeting

Oct 19, 2010


  • Ioannis Sourdis has accepted our offer!
- Might join at beginning of 2011
  • ERA project PhD postion wiht Sally: evaluation ongoing
- Next: shortlist; then interviews
  • Georgi Gaydadjiev: ongoing


  • Göteborg "KY" (Kvalificerad Yrkesutbildning, or I guess Qualified Trade education) for network technicians to start
- Chalmers asked to help out; might be OK if they pay full costs and don't use Chalmers' name
  • CSE to take part in DateIT, the D and IT student career day
- Promote PhD oppotunities
  • Nov 11: presentations on MSc thesis topics to IESD students

Research and proposals

  • Kasyab is now the "point man" for IC CAD issues
- Will work with Lars K
  • Anurag: overview of PhD study plan templates is ongoing
- Ideas and opinions to Anurag

Department issues

  • CSE may have to recruit faculty members at GU
- Fear that GU might discontinue the CS eduction o/w
- Difficult issue which will undoubtedly be with us for some time
  • Programme leader recruitment ongoing
  • Student advisors for GU: ongoing as well

Chalmers issues

  • PhD advisors are supposed to join a "Handledarforum" group
- Invitations will be forthcoming
  • Layout of academic year may have to be changed to comply with CSN requirements
- Exams after SP2 may have to fall in January?
  • Depts. to kee a continuously updated personnel plan to allow bypassing AK in some cases
- Minimize delays
  • New model for distribution of university funds
- Professorspeng disappears