CE biweekly meeting

Nov 1, 2010


  • Peter Öhman declines adjunct position at NS
- Lack of cycles
  • Martin Ivarsson + Ruben Alexandersson will leave with degrees
  • Cardenas rescinds NS FoAss position for personal reasons
  • Sourdis: ongoing; Gaydadjiev: no news
  • Koen Claessen goes on parental leave
- Jan Jonsson assumes some of duties
  • Peter Dybjer takes over CS division from Aarne Ranta


  • Figures for teaching load being completed (Rolf)
- Will be used to adjust profit/loss at end of year
- Includes master theses
  • Need to revisit "hybrid" MSc/Doctoral courses
- How finance? How apply towards teaching obligations?
  • Planning for course updates for 2011 ongoing
- EESD requires upgrades of several courses!

Research and proposals

  • Software Center: close to striking deal
- One? more iteration with industry partners
- IP, relationship w/ other centra, funding levels still to be finalized
- Needs to be done in the next few weeks to meet budget process deadlines with industrial partners
  • Jan J finds more TIMMO funding for Risat, Johan Nordlander

Department issues

  • Office space at Lindholmen for SE
- BSc in Patricia
- MSc in Jupiter

Chalmers issues

  • New process for Wallenberg grants
- Synopsis submitted to SFS at Chalmers
- 3 proposals only to be submitted to KAW
- Full Chalmers support for proposal development for these 3


  • Reminder: you can call up an ergonomist from Feelgood (our employment health organization) to evaluate your office environment
- Do this before you get problems