CE biweekly meeting

Nov 29, 2010


  • Malin Nilsson will replace Anna-Lena, whose last day will be Dec 3
  • Georgi Gaydadjiev visited this past weekend
- Aim for getting him here for summer
  • Ioannis Sourdis still on track for joining us in February
  • Mirja K, Daniel S, and Ruben A will defend


  • EESD: remapping courses from existing IESD lineup
- Coordinating with CSN, COM, etc
  • Wokring group for CSN programme
- Elad, Jan J, Tomas O

Research and proposals

  • SSF: Software-Intensive Systems: 3 proposals
- Security
- Programming Technology
- Parallel computations (Per S, Ulf A, Philippas)
  • Dave, Reiner, and Aarne in EU "Flagship" project working group
  • EU proposal work ongoing for Jan 18 deadline

Department issues

  • Göteborg University has evaluated all departments (RED10)
- CSE came out very well

Chalmers issues

  • No real news on Software Center
- Supposedly inching closer; needs to happen within a few weeks to make the 2011 budgets


  • Getting Kindle, iPad for testing

Budget for 2011

  • Not easily compared with previous years
- Teaching also handled at division level now
  • Projected deficit, mainly at teaching side
- Revenue reduciton due to fewer students
- Will distribute figures when trustworthy
  • Temporary hiring freeze as of Thu Nov 25
- Catarina needs to sign off on any hiring