CE biweekly meeting

Nov 29, 2010

Welcome to Malin Nilsson!


  • Introduction day for new PhD students today
- Quite good, according to those present
- Twice annually henceforth
  • Teachers to be recruited for SE during 2011
  • Divisions will propose profiles for junior faculty positions
- Not CE (we got Ioannis already!)


  • Meeting this Thursday to review economy
  • Börje Johansson reports positive impressions from student recruiting tour in India
- Firm interest in CSAL, EESD
  • The Chalmers Foundation will probably grant about 100 stipends for MSc students
- This is across all of Chalmers, mind you!

Research and proposals

  • Proposals, proposals, proposals.

Department issues

  • Issues with reëxaminations at GU.
- Re-sit must be within 8 weeks at GU (never that fast at Chalmers)
- If GU insists, we mus cease to offer Chalmers courses to GU students
  • CSE position within the GU hierarchy still debated
- Proposal for new organisation to be presented this Wed.
  • Remodeling of lunch room
- Allows us to give up 3320! Yay!

Budget for 2011

  • Right now, about -2M for all of CSE
- CE is deep in the red
- Funding applications to alter this (hopefully)


  • Don't OD on saffron today!