CE biweekly meeting

Jan 24, 2011


  • Lars B will be spending half of his time as a "skyddsombud" (employee representative for issues of work environment) from 20110101
  • Prof Jan Bosch has been recruited to Software Engineering
- Joins on Feb 7
  • Ioannis Sourdis will also join then
  • Anders Ynnerman is being interviewed for visualization position (at ITIT)
- Should not be discussed publicly
  • Fang Chen, Patrik Jansson apply for Biträdande Professor
  • 4 students nominated for 2 Google stipend slots


  • DigoDat group has presented report w/ proposal for future of BSc courses
  • Applications for Master programmes down by ~75%
- Next critical date: Jan 28, when application fee must have been paid for application to be valid

Research and proposals

  • Jan 18 EU proposals:
- AR3S: CompArch w/ 3d integration (Stenström, Larsson-Edefors)
- CHIMERA: Heterogeneous Supercomputing (Sourdis)
- DeSyRe: Reliability (Sourdis, Stenström)
- HiLoV: Virtualization (Stenström)
- PEPPER: Performance portability (McKee)
- HiPEAC 3 (Stenström)
- … plus some I may have forgotten…
  • Several new industrial PhD positions in SE being discussed (Volvo, Saab)

Department issues

  • Software Center:
- Industry seats on steering group filled
- Still some IPR issues to be sorted
  • Will install video conference system
- Skypeish, but much higher quality (dedicated cameras etc)
- Possible to connect from laptop too

Chalmers issues

  • Report sideline activities before Jan 31
- Done in the Primula system in ~30 seconds in case you have no sidelines
  • IT phone support (x6600) closed 13:30 -- 17:00 on Feb 10
  • IT system updates scheduled for Wed Jan 26 18:00 -- 22:00
- Except most things to be broken
- Exception: TimeEdit


  • iPad and Kindle still available for test
- Reservation list on the CSE Wiki