CE "biweekly" meeting

Feb 21, 2011


  • Ioannis Sourdis has joined from Delft
  • Andras Vajda is an industrial PhD student from Ericsson (Per S advises)


  • Andrei S has advanced to 2nd round in ERC Starting Grant competition
  • Junior faculty (FoAss) recruitments ongoing for other divisions
- Profiles are being nailed down here


  • New Chalmers-wide rules for master theses will be laid down
  • PhD mingle considered a success
- Should be model for Chalmers
  • Economy: discussion ongoing
- Teaching budget for CE reviewed, again
- Good hope for solution with voluntary retirements

Research and proposals

  • Research group leader council will be re-organized
- Proposed task: to identify opportunities for Wallenberg applications
  • New rule for PhD students: must be hired by Chamers, so no stipendiate solutions
- Exception: Industrial PhDs
- Exception: students hired at other universities (Högskolan Väst etc)
- Other exceptions must be cleared by VP of PhD education

CSE issues

  • For VP1 (plan for next year), Chalmers asks CSE to address expected student shortfall
  • CSE gets 1.4MSEK from AoA Transport
  • Colloquium discussed in ILG and considered appreciated
- Wider topical distribution would be an improvement
- Up to us researchers to make sure!
  • Annual performance review (medarbetarsamtal) coming up (will Doodle)

Chalmers issues

  • Salary revision coming up
- No specific figures in the collective bargaining agreement
- More info and Doodle next week


  • iPad and Kindle still available for test
- Reservation list on the CSE Wiki