CE "biweekly" no-meeting (collides with dept. meeting)

March 7, 2011


  • CSE can recruit junior faculty w/o going through central hiring committee; however, committee wants to experiment with a fast-track procedure. We will be Guinea pigs for that process this time since it should give us most of the influence with less administration than if we did it all by ourselves.


  • Application review and admission process going on for international students
  • Final assignment of Master programme coordinators before March 14
  • Next step in DigoDat + MoP cluster review to be defined.
- First course needs to be ready for prime time in fall of 2012.

CSE issues

  • The Göteborg University RED10 evaluation of all research has been completed.
- In final report, CSE is lauded with words like "excellent", "outstanding", etc. Good reading!
- Now on to BLUE11, evaluation of teaching.
  • The VP1 division dialogues will fall in April (after the one with Chalmers)
- No new plans to be produced before then, only minor updates