CE "biweekly" meeting

May 16, 2011


  • Ann-Margret Alsin (personnel officer) to retire in July
  • Mafijul to defend (June 10)
  • Negotiations w/ Georgi Gaydadjiev ongoing
  • Planning for Fulbright professor Dave Whalley in 2011 -- 2012
  • Recruitment of PhD students for new projects to commence


  • D, IT, GU students invited to Department Council meeting
- Quite satisfied about education in general
- Would like more contacts with industry, and (IT students in particular) more relevant basic science
  • SE teaching halls at Lindholmen may be delayed
- Start of semester in jeopardy?

Research and Proposals

  • EU funding for KARYON (Elad S.)
  • SSF project for ST being adjusted for budget reduction
- Currently looking at 2 FoAss, 1 PhD student
  • SSF project for CE/NS: budget adjustment done, close to contract, student recruitment to follow
  • DeSyRe under negotiation (Sourdis)
  • Gaydadjiev adds FASTER (FP7 project)

CSE issues

  • OK to schedule only 10% teaching for new PhD students from now on
- Need to check with division head and with director of studies
  • Space crunch due to research application success
- Difficult to find new space inside building (S2, EoM also growing)
- Axel Persson will develop a few scenarios (Reclaim Idéläran? Repurpose large professor offices? etc.)
- No easy solutions, no quick decisions. Sensitive issue.

Chalmers issues

  • IT support will be offered also for Macintoshes!
- Currently 15% of desktops are Macs, 10% are Linux boxes
- Overhead will go up marginally
  • Information screens will be set up in entrances


  • Very positive feedback in VP session with Head of Dept
- Should identify criteria and indicators for success at division level!
  • Possibility to influence the strategy of SSF for 2012 - 2017
- New decisions of sub-areas to support