CE "biweekly" meeting

May 30, 2011


  • Alejandro Russo applies for status as "Oavlönad docent"
  • 25 applications for 3 junior positions in Software Engineering
- Surprisingly many Irish and female applicants
  • Wrapping up applications for NS, CS junior positions
  • Jan J applies for Biträdande Professor
  • No immediate replacement for Ann-Margret Alsin


  • Teacher meeting for D programme on June 1 (info here)
  • Draft Chalmers guidelines for thesis reports are under review
- Review due early June
- Draft seems to emphasize science over engineering
- CSE guidelines to be developed ASAP

Research and Proposals

  • No Google scholarship this year
  • VELOX was successfully wrapped up
  • DeSyRe and FASTER have converged on statements of work
  • Software Intensive Systems likely done in a couple of weeks

CSE issues

  • Teaching organization (separate from divisions) to be evaluated in the fall
  • Guidelines/process/programmes to be developed for receiving newcomers
  • New guidelines for cost limits when entertaining guests
  • Performance evaluations (medarbetarsamtal) will be delayed into the fall

CSE office space

  • Inventory indicates we'll be OK this fall
- 171 seats at Johanneberg, 133 Chalmers employees, 25 GU employees, plus some seats at Lindholmen . . .
- . . . but a reshuffle may be called for.
  • Idéläran may be an option in the medium term
  • Lunch room remodeling to commence in June

Chalmers/GU issues

  • All emplyees will be called to two-hour workshops in the fall
- "Chalmers organizational culture"
  • Bibliometric analysis to control (small) part of funding from GU
- We can propose bibliometric measure!


  • Summer party on June 9!
  • Prof. Em. Jan Torin turns 75 on June 11.