CE "biweekly" meeting

June 20, 2011


  • CSE is recruiting communication person, student administrator, and secretary
  • 85 applications for Marina's PhD position
- Applications are screened also for candidates for SIS positions (Assarsson, Tsigas)
  • 20 applications for NS junior faculty position
  • Moa Johansson (ST) arrives on Vinnova grant; now at Verona, PhD from Edinburgh
  • DeSyRe positions have been posted
  • New visa type for PhD students is underway


  • Tuition fees are trickling in
- Outlook not as devastating as has been feared
- EESD good with external students, CSN good with internal students
- Internal admission process not yet complete
  • Admissions for BSc level: D 90, E 65, IT 90; for three-year programmes d 53, e 45.
  • Chalmers applies for higher "ceiling" for 2012
  • New process for master thesis projects/reports underway
- Will be submitted to the Kollegium for discussion

Research and Proposals

  • New research school in Advanced Engineering Mathematics
- Only to award licentiate degrees
- Cooperation with Fraunhofer Institut (German research organisation)
  • Research school for the Areas of Advance may spread to all PhD students
- 15 hp "Generic skills" (communication, leadership, etc)
  • Strategic process for SSF 2012-2017 started
- Coordinated CSE effort to influence this? Or CE level, or Chalmers?

CSE issues

  • Bibliometric model for funding distribution (GU funding) has been selected
- "Norwegian" model seems to be the prevalent one
- Google Scholar supposedly too clunky, requiring too much TLC
  • Very positive meeting with AoA Energy
- CSE will be included in their applications when possible/reasonable
  • Workshop on "coworkership" (medarbetarskap) planned for this fall
- Intended to be compulsory for all employees
- Probably a rolling schedule over 5 years or so
- Pilot this fall. Volunteers?
  • New limits on spending when entertaining guests

Chalmers/GU issues

  • New guidelines on information security
- Not intended directly for users, but rather for system administrators


  • Have a nice, relaxing summer!
  • See you all (except Mafijul) in week 34 (Aug 22, TBC)