CE "biweekly" meeting

Sep 2, 2011


  • Georgi Gaydadjiev, David Whalley, Peter Gavin
-... and of course everybody else who are returning from summer ...


  • Georgi, Dave, and Peter join us
  • Reiner Hähnle will however leave for a Lehrstuhl at TU Darmstadt
- Richard Bubel and Ran Ji will follow
  • Administrative personnel updates (finally admin staff is only permanent staff!):
- New personnel officer / HR person: Karin Kjell (shared with MC2 dept); in Ann-Margret's old office next to Catarina
- New information officer: Anneli Andersson (on 6th across from stairs)
- New secretary: Jonna Amgard (replacing Katarina Steffenburg)
- New student admin: Anna Södergård (replacing Victoria Ewers)
  • Recruiting:
- Ioannis interviewing for 2 PhD positions (DeSyRe)
- Ulf A posting PhD position for the SSF project with Per and Philippas
- NS: 4 interviewed for junior faculty position (Magnus Almgren among them)
- SE: Lecturer, assistant lecturers, 2 PhD students for Jan Bosch
- ST: 2 doctoral positions, 3 PhD students (for Dave Sands, Andrej Sabelfeld, and the Functional Programming group)
- Long-term question: what to do about void left by Reiner?


  • 94 international students for the CSE MSc programmes. Total admissions:
- CSN: 38
- EESD: 23
- SE: 20
- CSALL: 42
  • Plans for new courses within the Computer Engineering BSc programme, or in the associated MSc programmes? Then talk to Patrik J before Sep 20.

Stanford courses

- Three topics: AI, Databases, Machine Learning
- Registered students may ask questions, take electronic quizzes and exams and will get a certificate when they have passed the course
  • CSE might emulate what Rice has done:
- Offer students Rice credits by completing Stanford course to get certificate, do project work and takesit-down exam at Rice, and provide feedback to Rice professors on the experience.
- Provide office hours for questions asked locally, construct and grade project and exam, and receive and process student experiences.
  • CSE ILG is positive about taking part in one course as an experiment and a learning experience. ("Interesting times for education"!)

Research and Proposals

  • Contributions submitted to SSF strategic planning process
  • Contributions to Vinnova "Challenge-driven Innovation" pre-proposals
- "Stadens energisystem", headed by the Energy AoA within Chalmers
- Fibreoptical telecommunication, headed by Ericsson Research
  • Software Center contract about to be signed (finally!)

CSE issues

  • Division to consider Chalmers Professional Education in future planning
  • New system to manage recruitment: "ReachMee" [sic!].
- Allows prefiltering of applications and some other stuff.
- Looks like it might actually save time...

Chalmers/GU issues

  • Quality revision of all Göteborg University activity this fall
- Probably of little effect for CE


  • Meeting room next to lunch room is now available for reservation in Outlook (Name: EDIT 8301)
  • Beamer reservations will be moved to Outlook
  • PingPong seems to work again :-/