CE "biweekly" meeting

Sep 16, 2011


  • Applications for FP PhD positions look good
- 15 serious ones
  • DeSyRe students selected, will start on Oct 1
- Alirad Malek, Stavros Tzilis


  • Dave W to teach new compilers course in SP2
  • AI course will be taught following the Stanford open initiative

Research and Proposals

  • Software Center contacts are about to be signed

CSE issues

  • PhD student followup meetings to be booked with Jan J or Koen L-C
  • Human Entrance to be used for extra services when recruiting
- Talk to Div head and personnel officer
  • Alumni regathering in place of summer party?
  • Web needs to be updated!
- 5% of one student


  • Estimates based on 2nd 3rd of year have arrived
- CE much better than initial estimates, but still in the red
- Have not analyzed figures yet
  • Aim to present figures and analyses a VP meeting
- Mid October; will Doodle

Chalmers/GU issues

  • New purchasing routines w/ designated purchasing personnel on the way in
- New support system on the way (to mimic GU?)
  • Perils of “offentlig upphandling”: MUST MUST MUST MUST go through travel agency when flying!
- Via Travel is currently the only travel agent we can use!
- Train trips can be bought via SJ
  • Chalmers pension administration to go via SPV henceforth
  • New award for excellent research-oriented MSc theses
- Talk to Elad


  • New videoconference client for Mac available
  • ICT Initiative Seminar, Sep 20-21: “Future world-class information and communication engineers”