CE "biweekly" meeting

Oct 14, 2011


  • Alirad Malek, Stavros Tzilis, Viktor Kämpe new CE PhD students
  • Magnus Almgren + Olof Landsiedel have accepted FoAss positions at NS
  • Should Reiner Hähnle's position be filled immediately? If so, broad or narrow description for position? (No decision, but will be brought up in CSE Kollegium.)
  • Should we post an assistant lecturership in programming logic (GU)? To be discussed in CSE Kollegium.
  • Junior faculty position in DV has been offered to top candidate who now has 1 week to respond
  • 2 new junior faculty members in SE recruited


  • Overhaul of DoD + MoP continues
- Going into hands-on phase, with lab development etc
- Roger J, Arne L, Lars K (at least)

Research and Proposals

  • New mandatory course package for PhD students is nearing completion
- 15 hec; package includes courses already mandatory
- Likely will be in force from 2012
  • DeSyRe kickoff happily concluded

CSE issues

  • Alen B will be the CE web person
  • Group (Lars S, Arne L, Christer C, Rolf S, Åsa Samdell, Catarina S) reviews teaching organisation and economy
- Goal: propose new model in spring for decision in May
  • Faculty members: recall VP prep meeting on Tue Oct 18, 10:00, in 8103

Chalmers/GU issues

  • Should GU employees have email addresses ending in @chalmers.se?
  • Sven Engström (Vice rector for teaching activities) to visit dept. ILG
- Anything to bring up besides the eternal Lindholmen issues?


  • Outlook 2010 being phased in
- Should make it possible to carry out room reservations also from browsers other than IE Explorer...
  • Christmas party on Dec 15! Mark calendars!
  • Reminder, and esp. for newcomers: If you need eyeglasses for screen work, let me know.