CE "biweekly" meeting

Nov 11, 2011


  • Ole Ravnsborg is on sjuklön for 50%
  • Junior faculty position in algorithms offered to Agnostopolous, Svensson, and then Agnostopolous again...
  • Christer Carlsson resigns as Vice Prefect for teaching (grundutbildning)
  • Catarina resigns this summer after 6 years
  • CSE candidates sought for Wallenberg scholar stipends
  • Thomas Arts (prof. Software Engineering) resigns to run company


  • Three proposals for AoA-insired courses supported by CSE
- CE + S2, NS + Mech Eng, SE + ITIT
  • Review courses with lackluster student evaluation scores
- Action plans?
  • Reviewing teaching economy with new forecasts for 2012
- Not done yet

Research and Proposals

  • Great results in VR funding round!
- SEK 22M
- At CSE, one PhD grant to Sally among these
  • EuReCCA workshop in Barcelona a success
- Many industry representatives
- Very strong encouragement from EC
- Likely to start up already in 2012

CSE issues

  • CSE plan for 2012 and beyond, the VP, is being completed
- Will be presented in faculty collegium meeting before submission to Chalmers
- Some followup issues have been identified

Chalmers/GU issues

  • Environmental survey of CSE completed for environmental certification of Chalmers
  • Work environment revision (Feelgood) ongoing
  • Coordination of teaching hours of two campuses coming up