CE "biweekly" meeting

Nov 25, 2011


  • One assistant lecturer at SE eventually declined for family reasons
- Very difficult already now to fulfill teaching obligations
- May have to shuffle a bit to meet all CSE obligations
- Will approach teachers when necessary
  • Leadership programme for young faculty
- 4 x 2 days, or similar
- Ioannis has been proposed
  • CS algorithm position still not settled
- Ioannis says Ari appears to be leaning towards accepting
  • Rubén leaves at end of next week


  • Master thesis project re-org
- Add separate examiner in addition to advisor
- Discussed at CSE kollegium; general accord
- Working group to consider implementation

Research and Proposals

  • KAW young investigator award: external applicants sought
- Deadline in January
- Very tough requirements!

CSE issues

  • Economy forecast for 2011:
- Chalmers: -5.6M
- GU: +7M
- CE: -3.5M (roughly the sum to cover for expiring external projects)
  • Workplace culture course will be kicked off in 2012
- Will be mandatory
- Several chances to attend
- 2 persons per division per batch

Chalmers/GU issues

  • Positive feedback for CSE VP
  • New rules (interpretations?) for priority rights for newly created positions
- Necessary to check carefully when new position is created!


  • Peter Helander turns 60 (evades celebrations)
- Purchasing via Arne L while Peter is gone