CE "biweekly" meeting

Jan 20, 2012


  • Welcome (back) to Ruben Titos
  • Junior faculty positions being recruited for ST
  • Senior faculty position in formal methods (space left by Reiner): recruitment starting
  • Aris A. has "finally" turned down Chalmers offer
- Remains in Rome
  • SE: poised to start negotiations with two faculty candidates
  • Lars Kollberg has passed away
- Information about funeral, etc when available
- Rolf (teaching), Lars (CAD support), and Arne (other) working on how to replace him


  • New vice prefect for undergraduate and masters education: Miroslaw Staron
- Will want to reduce number of courses with less than 15 students
  • Blue11 (GU evaluation):
- CS: programmes v. good, except attrition
- SE: shortage of teaching staff

Research and Proposals

  • "Generic Skills" course package has been introduced in PhD education
  • New proposal in E-science (Per S, Devdatt, Peter Damaschke, ...)
  • Initiative for a Chalmers "Institute for Advanced Science"
- An AoA for basic science
  • Software Center: tape-cutting on Feb 14
- If your Valentine does not suggest otherwise, you might attend

CSE issues

  • Annual reports
- Please make sure statistics on publications etc. are complete and correct
  • Time to report sideline activities again
  • 2011 bookend soon done
- Looks like travel costs have gone down for dept? Do we publish less?
  • PhD mingle on Feb 3

Chalmers/GU issues

  • Adm. director Eva Lejdbradt has been fired
- Result of internal audit
  • Karin Markides receives a 3 year extension as President
- Student disapproval
  • Proposed docuemnt on student representation floated
- Severe objections from ILG; response to be less than charitable
  • Jan Smith: High interest in GU for cooperation w/ Chalmers