CE "biweekly" meeting

March 2, 2012


  • Need training for ReachMee (the recruitment system)? See Gunilla Dahlgren.
  • Joachim von Hacht to step down as responsible for the CS programme at Göteborg University
- Replacement needed.
  • Assistant Lecturer position in Programming Logic stuck in Limbo at GU.
- Upgrade to Lecturer, start over.


  • Take care to avoid tuition fees for temporary students (such as thesis workers)!
  • Course evaluation system due for upgrade
- Overhaul might include coordination with GU?
  • Should dept. offer a C# course with possible Microsoft certification?
- Not likely

CSE issues

  • Upgrade support system for large EU projects
- Extra accountant for one year while present staff is being trained
  • VP with President Markides on May 2
- VP effort for CE started
  • Should each division have an explicit publishing strategy?
- In a word: no.
  • Process for finding new Department Head has started

Chalmers/GU issues

  • National Dept. of Education likely to increase pressure for gender equality
- What can we do here?
  • New round of AoA junior faculty positions (FoAss) to be posted!
- Please consider names for people we'd like to hire.


  • Outlook calendar supposedly works as promised (finally)
- Imagine a world when this would not be considered "news". Oh well.
  • "Virtual meeting room" ordered for video conference system
- VCs will be possible with any party