CE "biweekly" meeting

May 4, 2012


  • Two items for recruting committee next week:
- Permanent position for Georgi Gaydadjiev
- Affiliate position for David Whalley


  • MSc application period approaching end
- Luch marketing meetings for each programe
- Application deadline on May 15

Research and proposals

  • Small contribution from AoA Energy seems imminent
- "Seed money" to help develop ides for other projects
  • HiPEAC computing week successfully concluded
- HiPEAC reviewed with best possible outcome! Congrats!

CSE issues

  • Jan Jonsson unanimously proposed as head of CSE from July
- President Markides appoints
  • CSE strategy: earmarked funds?
- Apparently no roadblocks for female-only invitational chair, as for the Jubileum chair
- Plans to build infrastructures for vehicular teaching and research (Johan K, Elad, Jan J)

Chalmers/GU issues

  • What metrics should we use for our activities?
- Some proposed in Chalmers Long-term Plan (PVU)
- Agreed not to be very good
- Faculty senate, CSE kollegium, etc involved
  • All CSE work environment indicators seem to have improved since 2006
- Stress, gender issues, etc
  • CSE initiative for "coworkership" appreciated by University
- May inspire others

CSE VP with Rector

  • Generally happy faces all around
  • Huge gains from all significant funding agencies over last 5 years
- Exception: Vinnova
  • SE division + Software Center have been built into stron constellations
  • Check if Barbro Osher funds can be used more!
  • Wallenberg Academy Fellows!
  • Think about broader application areas!