CE "biweekly" meeting

May 25, 2012


  • SE loses Carl-Magnus O and Helena O to Malmö Högskola
  • Issue of PhD student per-diem on long trips
  • Guest PhD students must be followed up from July onwards
  • Tor Aulin is not allowed on premises
- Call guards if he shows up


  • Evaluation of teaching organisation debated in CSE kollegium
- No strong consent for decentralizing, i.e., moving responsibility to divisions
- No change decided yet

Research and proposals

  • Innovation system proposal funding may become available
- Per S, Georgi to follow up
  • CSE PhD School reviewed
- Generally favorable review
- Lack of PhD courses (a regular complaint)

CSE issues

  • Jan J will meet Rector on June 4
- Will propose Koen C. as VPref FoU
  • CSE T1 result seems to track budget
  • Office space:
- Plans for new construction (join EDIT and M buildings)
- May need to squeeze a bit until then
- Co-locate admin personnel to save some space?
  • Arne L, Lennart H will move to Lindholmen
  • Proposal to close down Tech Support division
- Distribute personnel across other divisions
- Discussions continue

Chalmers/GU issues

  • Handledarforum will be closed down after 2012
- Something new will supposedly replace it
  • New recommended compensation levels for faculty opponents
- 10K for PhD defense, 4K for Lic presentation
  • Chalmers has recruited a full-time risk management officer
- Available to help with risk management for projects!


  • Alumni party on June 5. Sign up!
  • CSE will turn 10 as a joint department. Celebration?
  • Changed routines: from now on, everybody must report their own vacation in Primula!
  • Note: admin support will be sparser during weeks 29–31