CE "biweekly" meeting

Aug 27, 2012


  • Arne Linde, Lennart Hansson, Ole Ravnsborg join CE from tech support division

Welcome back

  • ... to everyone else!


  • Jan J is now our Prefekt (Head of Department)
- Koen is now our Pro-prefekt (Deputy HoD with special responsibility for research and PhD education)
- Koen's old position as Director of Studies for PhD education is not yet filled
  • ST recruits for formal-methods position(s)
- Offers to Viktor Kuncak and Laura Kovács
- Both to visit Göteborg with spouses (let's hope for nice weather...)
  • SE opens 2–4 positions since Helena and Carl-Magnus left for Malmö


  • Adjustment of academic year to happen from fall of 2013
- December exams move to January
- SP 2 – 4 will be 8 weeks
- Revenue shortfall for 2013 as a result (due to exams moved to 2014)
- University will buffer this economic hit
  • Teacher crisis at SE may force some course reshuffling (due to Helena and Carl-Magnus again; see above)

Research and proposals

  • Finally some funding from AoA Energy
- Goes to Marina (NS)
  • Guest PhD student from Polimi: Simone Corbetta
- Visits Per S from Aug 29 to Christmas

CSE issues

  • Tech support division has been disbanded
  • Admin personel at Johanneberg now gathered on 6th floor
- Course and student admin still on 4th
  • Office space policy update taking shape
- Summary: Faculty and staff get one-module offices; PhD students share offices; current holders of two-module offices will not be forced out until and unless no other solution is available
  • Messages from the Rektor (probably best characterized as "test balloons"):
- A research center in bioinformatics / biomedial engineering / etc with AstraZeneca?
- Could we offer an international programme at the BSc level?

Chalmers/GU issues

  • HSV evaluation for accreditation this fall
- Thesis reports will strongly influence the outcome; let's hope the random sample is kind to us
- Significantly improved from last year's version
- 11 measures and goals as opposed to 27...


  • Don't forget to submit travel expenses within 3 months!
  • Report all vacation in Primula!