CE "biweekly" meeting

Sep 14, 2012


  • Johan Karlsson
  • Roger Johansson
  • Risat Pathan
  • Fatemeh Ayatolahi
  • Behrooz Sangchoolie
  • Negin Nejad


  • SE get 34 applications for 2..4 positions posted
- Apparently several strong applications
  • Arne Linde records opinions about new Division Head (to succeed yours truly)
  • Georgi's application for promotion to be discussed in recruitment board on Sep 19
  • Jan Grahn steps down as head of AoA ICT


  • Application and admission figures have arrived
- MPALG grows compared with last year, so MPCSN and MPSOF shrink (communicating vessels, at least partially)
- GU CS bachelor programme shrinks
- Chalmers IT programme grows vigorously
  • Application figures stronger across the board

Research and proposals

- Big money (15 MSEK and up), needs big thinking
- Start now to meet deadline in Sept 2013
  • Government earmarks more money for research in life sciences
  • Good results in HSV evaluation will mean more funds

CSE issues

  • Tigheting of CAD tool access is ongoing
- Necessary to adhere to academic-license conditions
- Need to sign for access
  • Local CSE recruitment committee rearranged
- Catarina rotates out, replaced by Jan
- Per S headhunted to similar position at GU, replaced by Aarne Ranta
  • Madhavan is the web contact for CE; please go to him if updates are needed
- Transfer to SharePoint seems to be coming up
  • Fall planning process (budget, etc) is coming up
- Will invite div members to contribute

Chalmers/GU issues

  • HSV evaluation /accreditation looming
- Teachers should be prepared for urgent questions from the eval group
- We may need to provide master thesis reviewers
  • Recruitment of ICT junior faculty members ongoing
- Shortlist includes some who would presumably end up at CSE
  • GU reorganization reduces number of departments from 57 to 37
- Smaller departments than at Chalmers...
  • GU moves all students into employment contracts, as already practiced at Chalmers
  • Salary negotiations have started; no more information at this point
  • City reception for international students and faculty


  • One more video conference node to be installed at Johanneberg
- Probably 4th floor corner lounge