CE "biweekly" meeting

Oct 12, 2012


  • Johan Karlsson will be new Head of CE
- Effective Jan 1, 2013
  • Gerardo S will be the new Director of Studies for PhD Education
- Effective Jan 1, 2013
  • Guest Post doc: Emilia Villani (Johan K)
- Tentatively beginning of November
  • SE: 5 good candidates for lecturer position with research qualifications in the pedagogical field


  • Am finding out how to ensure that students are registered on courses they follow.
- What constitutes break of rules?
  • CE intends to recruit a tech support person
- Course lab maintenance in the post-Kollberg era
  • HSV review for accreditation ongoing

Research and proposals

  • Per S and Jan J (well, actually Risat) get funding from RUAG
  • Wallenberg Academy Fellows: call for applications is out
- Young researchers (PhD earliest in 2005)
- Highly competitive
- Chalmers gets to submit 10 applications, 4 of which must be from applicants not presently at Chalmers
- Raise awareness with strong external candidates!
  • In 2014, all research schools will be reviewed by HSV for accreditaion

CSE issues

  • Medarbetarsamtal (performance review) to be concluded before end of year
- This year, also PhD students
- With students and new division members, I have 37 meetings to schedule
- Will set aside blocks of time in calendar; you schedule using Exchange
  • Budget figures (v1) will appear at end of October
- Final CSE budget Nov 25
  • VP with Rektor on Oct 24

Chalmers / GU issues

  • Guest PhD students must be offered stipend to match Swedish PhD student salaries
- Rule applies for students who spend more than 6 months here
- Means that division head must be involved when student is invited, must ask about funds, and may stop visit if stipend cannot be arranged
  • Rules for PhD student travel per diem under negotiation
  • Generic Skills course package for PhD students now in force
- Mandatory for new students, available for all
- 15 hp will be required for PhD, 9 hp for Lic. Especially note the latter.