CE "biweekly" meeting

Nov 9, 2012


  • Emilia Villani (guest post doc w/ Johan K)
  • Christian Pilato (guest PhD student w/ Georgi)


  • Georgi's professor lecture done
  • Fredrik Dahlgren approached about adjunct professor position
  • CS attempts to recruit algorithms person (name TBA)
  • SE: new faculty: Morgan Eriksson
  • SE: external reviewers named for "2-4 positions"
- Several good candidates


  • CE lab technician recruitment started
- Ad posted, application deadline Dec 15
  • Positions as head of CE education programmes posted, deadline Dec 14

Research and proposals

  • CSE does well at annual VR grant application round
- Several framework grants (Aarne Ranta, Thierry Coquand, Devdatt Dubashi)
- One-student grant (Per S)
- Let OSS know
  • Chalmers has selected 2 candidates for the KAW academy fellow grants
- Not our local candidate (Ioannis)

CSE issues

  • HSV accreditation is ongoing
- Much documentation must be produced in little time
- Teachers: please respond to any questions quickly!
  • Re-organisation of CSE internal web pages
- Groups of routines each get one page
- Tables of whom to ask for different kinds of information
- Pilot version still in Swedish; English version will be forthcoming

Chalmers / GU issues

- ... and separate passes will be necessary for Johanneberg and Lindholmen! Argh!
- Angry protests have been launched but will likely not help.
  • AoA IKT gets very good reviews by international panel
- Panel suggests more funding should be made available
- ...and, incidentally, the position as head of the area will be posted soon, as the incumbent (Jan Grahn, MC2) is stepping down
  • Draft strategy for research and innovation utilization has been distributed for review
- Comments to Jan Jonsson who will summarize and pass on upwards