CE "biweekly" meeting

Nov 23, 2012


  • CE: research engineer position posted
- Spread the word!
  • SE: Morgan Eriksson (Lecturer) set to arrive for March 1, 2013
  • ST: Laura Kovacs has accepted the Docent position created in Reiner's wake
  • Internal Chalmers positions:
- Directors for the educational programmes for Computer Engineering (Bachelor + Master) and for Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering (3-year engineer programmes)
- SOL (Head for AoA) for ICT


  • Elad pushes for prize for best CSE master thesis
- ILG thinks idea is good and moves to check the tax implications

Research and proposals

  • Eon funds a SEK 2.2M proposal by Marina (NS)
  • KAW Academy Fellows: 3 applicants to external evaluation (Ioannis a.o.)
  • Christian Berger (SE) may get project with Audi (Germany)
  • VR decisions one month earlier next year (deadline still at April 11)

CSE issues

  • Budget: several investments consume accumulated profits
- Projected loss of SEK 7.8M
  • 2013 coworkership workshops in planning
- Next iteration most likely starts in week 8
- New venue
  • Should CSE recommend a delay between promotions?
- Sent to LAK for discussion (Aarne)
  • PhD student EU project administration should be counted against teaching hours
  • Long-term faculty headcount and promotion outlook is stable (~5 years)

Chalmers / GU issues

  • Parking: new expensive Johanneberg passes valid will be also at Lindholmen, but not hte other way around
- Costs may rise further for following years
  • Analysis phase in progreess for new web search function at chalmers.se
  • Cooperation with Malmö Högskola? KK Foundation funding possible. Contact Mats Viberg directly.
  • Attend Handledarforum or lose funding! SEK 200k per head!
- LAST round this spring

Salary status

  • Current agreement expires
  • New agreement for faculty (SACO):
- Henceforth annual revisions in May
- Current salaries in force undtil May 2013
- Lump sum compensation for extension will be paid out in November and April
- Salary review process starts in spring (no time table yet)


  • Japan seeks new Honorary Consul for Göteborg
- Preferably an academic this time
- Need lively interest in Japan and in Japanese culture
- Some recently retired professor perhaps?
  • CSE Christmas party on Dec 12!