CE "biweekly" meeting

Dec 21, 2012


  • Tomas Olovsson (NS) + Wolfgang Ahrendt (ST) apply for Docent status.
  • Peter Ljunglöf (CS) + Ioannis Sourdis (CE) pass two-year evaluation mark with flying colors
  • Many applicants (~40) for ST PhD positions
  • 9 candidates for SE lecturer positions to interviews
  • CE tech position was pulled back


  • New model for teaching economy from 2013
- Revenues and costs distributede to divisions
- Div head now responsible for quality as well as for economy
  • Note: all exam results should be reported by Jan 11!

Research and proposals

  • Ioannis: DeSyRe project review a success!
- EU Project Officer claims to have no questions for first time in career
  • Phu Phung (ST) gets international postdoc stipend (VR)

CSE issues

  • PhD Student project admin work (such as in EU projects) will count against departmental duties rather than against research time
  • Coworkership project: dates for four new workshops
- Feb 18-19 + Apr 5
- Apr 15-16 + May 16
- Sep 9-10 + Sep 27
- Oct 21-22 + Nov 22
  • Last chance for Handledarforum in 2013

Chalmers / GU issues

  • HSV evaluation documents submitted
- All involved will now sleep throught the holidays
- Process has yielded valuable insights into all programmes!


  • Have a Merry Christmas!
- ...assuming of course that the end of the world does not intervene ...
  • And be nice to Johan K in 2013 and onwards!