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Division Meeting 15 June (Brännö Värdshus)

Spring Meeting 2011 Schedule
Spring Meeting 2011 Abstracts
Photos from the meeting (Thanks to Adam Slaski)

Welcome to the Division's Spring meeting 2011 at Brännö Värdshus.


You can register by participating in the Doodle poll. Please mark your diet restrictions beside your name.

Call for Abstracts

Please send titles and abstracts for presentations to Ramona Enache or Bassel Mannaa.

We welcome both research presentations and non-research presentations, e.g. pedagogical experiences and ideas. Please also indicate how long you would like for your talk (this is just to help with scheduling, requests cannot be guaranteed!).

Please also send me any suggestions for themes or topics that could be of general interest for discussion.

Important Dates

  Registration -       9  June 2011
  Preliminary titles - 8  June 2011
  Final abstracts -    13 June 2011
  Spring Meeting -     15 June 2011


It is easy to get to Brännö and away from there by public transport. The main alternatives are:

  Saltholmen (ferry)      09:16 
  Brännö Rödsten          09:38

  Brännö Rödsten          19:53  20:43  21:54
  Saltholmen              20:16  21:10  22:17