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Division Meeting 27 August (Styrsö Skäret)

Summer Meeting 2014 Schedule

Welcome to the Division's Summer meeting 2014 at Styrsö Skäret.


Registration is now closed


This year, each group has a time slot of its own. Each group is responsible for the schedule within their allotted time slots.

We welcome both research presentations and non-research presentations, e.g. pedagogical experiences and ideas.

Please make an effort to adapt your content to a slightly wider audience than usual.


We have arranged for posters to be presented during the breaks in this years schedule. If you are interesting in showing your poster, please bring it with you and hang it up in the morning before the first talk.

Important Dates

  Registration -       20  August 2014
  Meeting      -       27  August 2014


It is easy to get to Styrsö and away from there by public transport. The main alternatives are:

  Saltholmen (ferry)      09:25 
  Styrsö Skäret           09:46

  Styrsö Skäret           (18:17)  (19:17)  20:52  21:47  (22:12)
  Saltholmen              (18:55)  (19:42)  21:31  22:12  (23:35)