This page described sustainability-related education and research activities at the IT Faculty, including Applied IT and CSE.


IT Faculty Sustainability Support Group

In order to support the integration of sustainability activities into IT and CSE education, a support group was formed.

Our intentions are as follows:

  • collect and share information resources related to highlighting or incorporating sustainability into IT teaching 
  • support teachers and program responsibles by discussing, providing resources, and examples of how to work sustainability into the curriculum in a meaningful way 
  • organize twice-yearly workshops sharing resources about sustainability in IT education and working through sustainability integration in example courses
  • be part of the UGAIT 
  • work with the syllabi updating process for each department 
  • help coordinate the organization of Act! Sustainable activities for the IT Faculty

Currently we have two faculty members from CSE Jennifer Horkoff <jenho@chalmers.se>

Birgit Penzenstadler <birgitp@chalmers.se>

We have two student members also from CSE: Ariana Mededovic <gusmedar@student.gu.se>

Effat Enti <gusentef@student.gu.se>

We are still searching for: Faculty members from Applied IT

Further student members from Applied IT and other programs. The workload is relatively low, any interested members can email us at the above.

Sustainability Resources for Education  

Here we describe some potentially useful resources for integrating sustainability into higher education, including IT education.

SDG Impact Assessment tool https://sdgimpactassessmenttool.org/

For evaluating how your course or project influences the UN's sustainable development goals.

Sometimes GMV offers educational workshops on this tool, e.g. https://gmv.gu.se/Aktuellt/Aktuellt+Detalj/?eventId=70137172923

Resources from SDSN https://www.unsdsn-ne.org/resources/

Sustainability Awareness Framework https://zenodo.org/record/3676514#.YCKCTS1Q1N3 Can be used in a course, example: software quality course

We held a workshop on sustainability in IT education in June 2020, the slides are available here: Attach:SustainabilityEducationWorkshopSlides2020.pdf We plan to hold a further workshop with updated material in 2021.

More resources to come

Incorporating Sustainability into IT Faculty Courses and Programs

Sustainability Course and Program Labelling Process

Sustainability in IT Education Examples

Sustainability Focused Courses

Sustainable Computing (Masters' Level) https://www.gu.se/en/study-gothenburg/sustainable-computing-dit055

There is also a Masters' course offered by the department of pedagogical, curricular and professional studies on ESD101 Education for Sustainable Development - an introduction, 15 credits https://www.gu.se/studera/hitta-utbildning/utbildning-for-hallbar-utveckling-en-introduktion-esd101

Sustainability Related Courses

Software Quality (Masters') https://pingpong.chalmers.se/public/courseId/8687/publicPage.do The MSc course on Software Quality includes a module on Sustainability, which is currently implemented via a guest lecture that has an interactive component that can be reused by anyone (documented at SusAF, see the Zendo Link).

Software Analysis and Design DIT184 had a lecture module about sustainability, see Link to Birgit's Video.

Another potentially labelled course is: DAT326 / DIT982 Domain Specific Languages of Mathematics

The BSc course Domain-specific languages of mathematics currently includes environmental climate impact modelling but is not labeled yet.

We will add more examples in and out of IT


We have collected an incomplete list of sustainability-related research projects with the IT Faculty, found on Box: https://chalmersuniversity.box.com/s/u9a1o69jxky35eyhqdzhwnji5zw2c4om

If you would like to update this list, please contact Jennifer (jenho@chalmers.se)

Some our research has been highlighted by GU and Chalmers.

A magazine article on Software, Sustainability and Diversity https://www.gu.se/en/research/software-sustainability-and-diversity

The IT Faculty highlights sustainability in their current home page (as of March 2021): https://www.gu.se/en/it-faculty

We have further projects highlighted on the external CSE Sustainability page: https://www.chalmers.se/en/departments/cse/research/Pages/sustainability-activities.aspx