Category Theory and Functional Programming 2010

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Course plan

See Course Plan - including examination requirements.


  • Deliverables A&B ("literature review"): by Easter break
  • Deliverables C&D ("active seminars"): continuous
  • Deliverable E ("project report"): mortal deadline June 8th
  • Deliverable F ("report review"): mortal deadline June 15th



January 27th, 2010

Notes from this day's meeting 0 (thanks Tobias):

  • Course material will follow the course that was given at Stanford (see reading material, below)
  • The proposed examination forms was that one does either a library implementation OR a presentation of some paper covering category theory. That way, we will also cover the weeks that are left after the Stanford course material is covered.
  • Before each meeting, one should have done the corresponding exercises in the Stanford course. We then discuss the results at the meeting
  • Each meeting is planned for two hours, however if people feel like staying longer that is probably possible, since nobody has any lectures at 1900 anyway.
  • Meeting times will be Tuesday 17:00, in EL42


Tuesdays, at 17:00.
Room EL41-3, EDIT building.
Read the material from of Mikael's Stanford course, and solve the exercises.

Reading Material

All course syllabus goes here.


Category Theory material that is not part of the course syllabus, but which might be useful for those that are interested regardless.

Things we produced

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