I clicked on the link to the master's programmes (is this the correct spelling? isn't it programs?) 2008 pages which Catharina was responsible for, so I guess I should now send my comments to you Åsa.

Without reading the text I found the page not very good. I can tell you what I see (as I say, without reading the text). heading: CSE -> Master programs

To the left, a menu with the structure Master programs and then Computer Science. I ask myself, why only CS? I would expect more subheading, 1 per master program maybe, or 2 subheading chalmers and GU programs? Here I know more than the student who visit this for the first time, but if I wouldn't I would have expected that CS would be THE main master (I am sure Wolfgang agrees here! :-) or in some way an important thing (more than others) and that is wht it has e further entry in the meny.

To the right you see some text and the MP at CTH and after you scroll down for a while you see something much smaller which is the program at GU. Of course, it is smaller since it is 1 program instead of 6 but somehow it looks a bit "lost" that link to the program at the very end of a page.

Now, even if one reads the text it doesn't say we have programs at CTH and at GU so I wouldn't be surprised if students miss all together the very last link for the GU master prog. after all the info for CTH programs (which actually has the name of each program twice, once for the new students and one for the old ones).

I really think this page needs a better structure. I guess there are many ways to do it: separate info for current students from info for those who want to apply (like chalmers pages for students), putting clearly in the text at the top that we have programs at CTH and at GU (with some kind of bullets?) so students know from the start, having all MP as submenues in the left, ... Well, this are just some suggestions. But I really think right now it is confusing and not well structured.