Chalmers (Sustainable?) Software Repository

  • Set up a web-site and a software repository at Chalmers (perhaps
  • Invite Chalmers developed software to be described or even hosted there
  • Pick five to ten software projects (at Chalmers)
    • classify them according to licensing, version control, language/tool, application area, size of code base
    • try to spread out (find many different kinds of projects)
  • Pick a few of the open projects (source code available)
    • analyze the software architecture and software evolution in more detail
    • identify good examples and problem areas
  • Write about the results including
    • all the above
    • tips and tricks / recommendations / guidelines for Chalmers software projects

Learning objectives:

  • Software Engineering:
    • Software Architecture, Software Evolution, Legacy Code, ...
  • The role of software in different scientific disciplines
    • Communication with developers and users

Other goals:

  • Illustrate the theory with real life examples (given the current state of practice at Chalmers)
  • Knowledge transfer both from software developers to the Chalmers students (about their projects) and from the students to the developers (about modern tools and software engineering principles)

Some examples of source projects at Chalmers: