Adm. contact at the CSE dept.: Rebecca Cyrén

081030: Mail to MPK and involved teachers

Short: adm. supp. for MSc level course evaluation process: Rebecca Cyrén

Details: I already had two questions this week about the student representatives for course evaluation so I realise there is a need for further clarification. First the short summary + link to the Chalmers-wide description: (this paragraph is from a mail sent 070830):

  • New Chalmers-wide course evaluation process
 Teachers meet students in study week 1, study week 3 or 4 and in the
 next study period in study week 4. More details can be found here:

Then the particulars for the CSE department: For MSc level courses the department is responsible for appointing student representatives. Try to make sure the student representatives have different background (local/international, Chalmers/GU, ...) when applicable. If you need help in administering this, please contact Rebecca.

(For BSc level courses the student center should appoint student representatives. We are working on getting the student center to do the same for MSc level courses from 2008 to have one simple rule for all courses.)

Formally, the requirement to evaluate all courses comes from the Swedish law, imposed on universities, delegated to departments, master's directors and finally to the teachers.


DAT110        - Methods for.. Per Larsson Edefors - perla
              - Analog Circuit Design, lenap
DAT105/DIT050 - Computer arch... Per Stenström - pers
TDA596/DIT240 - Distributed syst.. - Sven-Arne Andreasson - andreass
EDA491/DIT071 - Network security - Tomas Olovsson - tomas
TDA351/DIT250 - Cryptography - Björn v S - sydow
TDA451/DIT141 - Functional progr. - Bengt N - bengt
TDA251/DIT280 - Alg, adv - Devdatt D - dubhashi
DAT120 /DIT330- Program paradigms - John Hughes - rjmh
TDA570/DIT031 - Simulation engines - Markus Larsson? Staffan Björk - staffanb
TDA496/DIT880 - Interaction design meth. - Hanna Landin - hannala
TDA471/DIT890 - Ubiquituos comp. - Olof T - oloft