Procedure to set follow up meetings

When you want to call for a follow up meeting please follow this procedure:

  1. Visit the following doodle calendar to check the available time slots for follow up meetings (currently for the period Apr-Jun 2015):
  2. Agree with your follow-up group (supervisor, co-supervisor, examiner, and if applicable any other member of the group) on a time slot for the meeting (among those free in the above doodle).
  3. Once you have agreed on a time slot with the follow-up group, enter your name and mark the corresponding doodle slot (only one!).
  4. Book a room.
  5. Send the follow-up group and myself ( an email confirming date, time and room for the follow-up meeting. You will then be appointed a chairman for the meeting (one of the directors of study or myself).
  6. At least 24 hours before the meeting send to the follow-up group and the chairman your study plan. Please follow the template available online:
  7. After the follow-up meeting update the study plan according to the recommendations made at the meeting (check with chairman that all updates are included). Together with the main supervisor then sign the updated study plan and send it to me ( in both hard copy and electronic version.

Note 1: Remember that it is your responsibility to call for the follow-up meeting (not that of your supervisor). Be sure you do so with enough time before your contract expires (if applicable).

Note 2: It is not always easy to agree with all the members of your follow-up group, so try to book your follow-up meeting quite in advance. Also note that the slots might be filled in quite quickly so try not to spend too much time getting an agreement with your follow-up group (the slot might "disappear" meanwhile).

Note 3: Don't send the confirmation for a meeting with too short notice (free slots on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be removed the Friday before, and free slots on Thursdays and Fridays will be removed the Sunday before).

Link to Study Plan Template