MSc thesis work at the CSE department: Frequently Asked Questions

The official instructions about the MSc thesis procedure can be found elsewhere.

Q: When can I do the work?

The official "Spring term" is from Monday 19 January 2009 - Tuesday 2 June 2009 (source: the student portal). Some students do projects over the summer, but many examiners are away (parts of) the summer so do plan for less feedback in that case.

Q: Where can I do the work?

If the project is at a company, you will probably work there. There is an "office landscape" (room R6220) for MSc thesis work - you can contact Rebecca Cyrén (rebecca AT chalmers DOT se) to "book" a place there (and to get access card/code etc.). Many also work elsewhere on campus or at home.

Q: Will I get paid for doing the MSc thesis project?

Standard Chalmers policy is not to pay students, but companies are allowed to pay (and sometimes do). More on this