080522: Ana Bove wrote

Subject: [Cse-gruadm] STURE


Don't know exactly who gets this email nor who uses STURE but in any case I inform you that to use the web interface to STURE one should use the link below and not the one we used so far (delphi.medic......)

The account has the same name and password and the SQL queries you had should work even better now (there was some problem with constants and variables before but this problem is gone now).

If you are using databaskontroll you will probably need to also give the new machine but I don't know if this is the only thing that is needed. I will talk with Sven-Arne but I believe I am the only one using it. <later added> SID is kingu and port 1521 to use it with the databaskontroll, the rest seems to be working.