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This page contains a number of suggestions for Master's Projects based on http://feldspar.github.com

  • Graphics algorithms in Feldspar. See Pan. Generate plugins to Photoshop/Gimp or filters for Media players.
  • Programming with Repa. Repa is a powerful library for higher dimensional vectors. Most of it has been ported to Feldspar. Implement algorithms using Repa.
  • Profiling Feldspar (two projects, see projects/research/profiling in the Feldspar repository)
  • An embedded language for C-interface to facilitate generating functions with a particular signature from Feldspar
  • Fancy Matrix types. Spiral inspired. See work of Karin Keijzer.
  • Audio processing and filter algorithms in Feldspar. Possibly generate filters to some media player. See work of Markus Aronsson and Henning Thielemann.
  • Use in-place update & redo comparison with Matlab
  • Write analyses and transformations in Hoopl using the representation from an earlier thesis.
  • Develop a benchmark suite for Feldspar to monitor improvements in the compiler.

Papers related to Feldspar, Obsidian, intermediate representations and the like