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Haddock Support For Markdown Syntax


Currently Haddock uses a unique markup syntax for writing documentation which is used nowhere else. This is unfortunate since there is already a plethora of markup languages and having to remember yet another one is a nuisance for the programmer. It would help if Haddock could support more commonly available formats.

Goals of the Project

The aim of the project is to modify Haddock to support a commonly used markup syntax, for instance Markdown. These modifications should be made available to the Haddock project for possible inclusion into the tool.

A possible route would be to use Pandoc which already has a good Markdown parser and integrate that with Haddock.

Functional programming
Josef Svenningsson
Number of people

Learning outcomes:

  • experience with software documentation (packaging etc.)
  • software engineering within functional programming
  • experience with software technology: parsing
  • interaction with an open source community