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Scratchpad for sharing travel information for (FP people) going to ICFP 2008 or co-located workshops:

Patrik Jansson + Jean-Philippe Bernardy

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  • 080920: WGP'08
  • 080921: FDPE'08
  • 080922-4: ICFP'08
  • 080925: Haskell'08
Bokningsbekräftelse och resplan
Seat24 och Air Canada tackar för din bokning
	Utresa: fredag, 19 september 2008
  	Avg. 	Ank. 	Flight 	Från 	        Till     	Flygs av 	 
  	10:50 	12:35 	AC9102 	Landvetter 	Frankfurt 	Lufthansa  	 
  	13:45 	15:50 	AC0845 	Frankfurt 	Calgary 	Air Canada  	 
  	18:20 	18:55 	AC8557 	Calgary 	Victoria 	Air Canada  	 

Total restid: 17h 5min

	Hemresa: fredag, 26 september 2008
  	Avg. 	Ank. 	  Flight 	Från 	        Till 	        Flygs av 	 
  	12:15 	  14:35     AC8554 	Victoria 	Calgary 	Air Canada  	 
  	17:50 	  11:20(+1) AC0844 	Calgary 	Frankfurt 	Air Canada  	 
  	12:25(+1) 14:00(+1) AC9053 	Frankfurt 	Landvetter 	Lufthansa  	 

Total restid: 16h 45min

I first tried to book using TerminalA.com and got a confirmation, but later an email saying they failed to get agreement with the airline!