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Publication planning

On our RAWFP meeting 2013-01-10 Mary suggested (and the rest of us agreed) that we should organize a "publication planning" meeting. It has now been scheduled to 2013-01-24 at 14.15 in EDIT-6128.

Publications "in the pipeline":

Status + dateTitle or topicAuthorsVenue (if decided)
Submitted 2012-11-30Dependently-typed programming in scientific computingCezar Ionescu and Patrik JanssonIFL 2012 post proceedings.
Submitted 2013-01-10A Sustainable Energy Future through Education and ResearchPatrik Jansson and Tünde FülöpG-20 Youth Forum, 2013.
ongoing 2013-01-10about HipSpecKoen with Moa, Nick, Dan
ongoing 2013-01-10about Random number generationKoen with Michał
ongoing 2013-01-10about parallell parsingKoen with JPB
ongoing 2013-01-10extended version of Testing-FeatJonas, Patrik, MengJournal of Functional Programming (prel.)
ongoing 2013-01-10Project proposal: An Intermediate Representation for Parallel Functional ProgrammingMary with many othersMSc thesis project (and more)
Submitted 2012-09Enhancing Semantic Bidirectionalization via Shape Bidirectionalizer Plug-insMeng with Janis Voigtländer and othersJFP.
ongoing 2013-01-10Bidirectionalizing Polymorphic FunctionsMeng with Shayan
ongoing 2013-01-10about annotation propagation in FeldsparMeng with Emil
ongoing 2013-01-11respin of phase ordering for VLIWNikita, KoenSAT2013
Submitted 2013-01-14Type-Theory in ColorJP,GuilhemLICS2013

Topics to be covered