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Software Engineering using Typed Functional Programming

Licentiate seminar by Jean-Philippe Bernardy in the lecture hall HA4, Hörsalvägen 4, Chalmers, on Monday, November 9, 2009, at 10.15.

Discussion Leader: Dr. Ross Paterson, Department of Computing, School of Informatics, City University, London

Licentiate thesis


This thesis makes three distinct contributions to software engineering, using typed functional programming. First, we present a schema to reduce polymorphic properties to equivalent monomorphic properties, for the purpose of testing. Our proof uses parametricity and properties of initial algebras. Second, we compare haskell type classes with their counterpart in C++. We contribute to an improved understanding of language support for generic programming, and hope to facilitate discussion between mainstream and functional programming language communities. Third, we present a parsing library for incremental analysis of source code. This is an example of a non-trivial application of the principles of typed functional programming and lazy evaluation.

Lic. day information (November 9, 2009)

09.45-10.00:Coffee in the lunchroom
10.15-11.00:Jean-Philippe presents his lic. results (in room HA4)
11.15-12.00:Discussion led by Ross
 (~30min question from Ross, then open)
12.30 :Lunch for Ross, Jean-Philippe, Patrik, Aarne, Koen, Graham at Hyllan
15.00 :lic. cake in the lunch room
PhD student:Jean-Philippe Bernardy
Lic. title:Software Engineering using Typed Functional Programming
Disc. leader:Ross Paterson
PhD committe:
Supervisor:Patrik Jansson
Co-supervisor:Koen Claessen
Examiner:Aarne Ranta
Other member:Graham Kemp