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Chalmers has a "performance indicator to assess our scientific impact" based on publications in the most prestigious and highly cited journals, see message from Jan Jonsson below. He has asked us to provide him with a list o the most prestigious and highly cited journals and conference proceedings relevant for our research group, see letter below.

To assess performance by bibliometry is of course a highly suspicious exercise, and this is no exception. But it is much better if we supply the list than if Chalmers centrally or Web of Science decides. Deadline 2012-10-16.

Here is our list (+ Open Access status - see also http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/search.php)


  • JFP, Journal of Functional Programming (authors may publish the accepted manuscript after acceptance and version of record 12 months after publication http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displaySpecialPage?pageId=4608)
  • TCS, Theoretical Computer Science
  • LMCS, Logical Methods in Computer Science
  • JAR, Journal of Automated Reasoning
  • SCP, Science of Computer Programming
  • ACM SIGPLAN Notices ("contains" many conferences thus very visible and cited)


  • ICFP (FPCA), International Conference on Functional Programming
  • POPL, Principles of Programming Languages
  • MPC, Mathematics of Program Construction
  • FLOPS, Functional and Logic Programming Symposium
  • Haskell Symposium
  • PLDI, Programming Language Design and Implementation
  • ICSE, International Conference on Software Engineering
  • PEPM, Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation
  • SAS, Static Analysis Symposium
  • OOPSLA (not related to FP. But should be listed in case no other group proposes it.)
  • APLAS, Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems
  • ESOP, European Symposium on Programming
  • FMCAD, Formal Methods in Computer-Auded Design
  • CAV, Conference on Automated Verification
  • ICST, International Conference on Software Testing
  • TAP, Tests and Proofs


  • Erlang (prestigious? I have a paper in it with 59 citations, quite a few have 25+)

A list according to Google Scholar for "Software Systems",

(For completeness, here is the list from the ProgLog group:


  • JSL
  • APAL
  • TCS
  • MSCS
  • JLAP
  • JFP
  • SCP
  • FACS
  • HOSC
  • LMCS


  • LICS
  • POPL
  • TLCA
  • MFPS
  • ITP (TPHOLs)
  • MPC
  • Haskell Symposium
  • PLDI
  • ICSE
  • PEPM
  • SAS
  • OOPSLA (not related to FP. But should be listed in case no other group proposes it.)
  • ESOP


  • PLPV
  • LFMTP?
  • Types


Jan Jonsson's letter

Dear researchers at DoIT/CSE,

In our earlier strategic dialogues with the office of the president at Chalmers we have expressed our concerns regarding the near-zero representation of our department's publications in Thomson Reuters Web of Science, the performance indicator currently being used by Chalmers to assess our scientific impact (in other words: how well we fulfill one of the four main Chalmers goals, "Excellent Research").

As a reaction from Chalmers regarding our concerns it will now be possible for the department to define its own list of prestigious publication forums, related to which our scientific impact will be assessed from 2013 and onwards.

For this reason, I now ask each research group to provide me with a list of the most prestigious and highly cited journals and conference proceedings relevant for the research group. The deadline for your reply is October 16.

As for what constitutes a research group please consult the department's official list of groups (researchers that do not belong to a research group are welcome to submit their own list):


More information regarding the current list of journals covered by Web of Science and the current method for calculating scientific impact can be found here:


Here's The Big Opportunity for you to have an impact on how your scientific impact will be assessed. Don't miss it!

Best regards,